What Should I Bring
to a Gathering?

Bring every good thing,
but if it ainít on this list, consider leaving it at home.

ďIf in doubt, leave it out;
ícuz if you bring it in, you gotta take it out.Ē

You just might be surprised how little you really need.

But bring plenty of love and hugs and good vibes, enough to be
constantly giving them away. Most importantly, bring YOU.

Personal Stuff
(things essential to keeping healthy)
Basic camping gear
backpack daypack or purse flashlight & batteries
tent sleeping bag waterproof tarp
ground pad rope or bungees pocket knife
cup & bowl fork & spoon water container
Clothes for all kinds of weather
hiking shoes extra socks beach sandals
warm coat sweatshirts long pants
hat thermal underwear rain gear
Items for personal hygiene
tooth brush biodegradable-soap* washrag
toothbrush dental floss plastic bags
for trash
prescription meds first aid kit sunscreen
toilet paper tampons condoms
Things that ainít essential,
but make living in the woods a little easier
work gloves hair brush nail clippers
water filter spray bottle solar shower
folding chair folding cot blankets
hammock sky chair pillow
acoustic guitars drums horns
Frisbees hackysacks sport balls
pen & paper camera** clean clothes for returning to Babylon
Things for the common good
Construction implements
large tarps rope & bungee cords rolls of string
shovels posthole diggers prybars
axes & hatchets bowsaws & extra blades Duck tape
Stuff for C.A.L.M.
Band-Aids & various types of bandages ace wraps & tape alcohol wipes & cotton balls
hydrogen peroxide calamine lotion hand sanitizer
for a complete list, go to the C.A.L.M. site.
Stuff for kitchens
Food grade
5-gallon buckets
Coleman lanterns, mantels, & fuel lighters or
wooden matches
15 & 55 gallon
plastic water jugs
large plastic trash bags 20 lb. propane cylinders
large pots & woks long forks & spatulas,
large spoons & ladles
chlorine bleach
large knives cutting boards large bowls
dishwashing tubs biodegradable
dish soap*
toilet paper lime for shitters empty coffee cans with lids
wagons & wheelbarrows cardboard & markers
for signs
Food in bulk quantities
beans rice flour
pasta oatmeal honey
potatoes onions garlic &
other spices
coffee regular & herbal teas creamer or
half & half
sugar pancake mix vegetable oil
Fresh ingredients, especially fruits, vegetables, and eggs
*Do not use soap in a stream or pond! Use with a bucket of water carried at least 100 feet away. Empty soapy water into a gray water pit.
**Always ask for permission before taking any pictures of people.

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