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Subject: Re: A Good Story
Date: 16 Aug 1998 17:14:42 -0700
From: (Butterfly Bill)
Newsgroups: alt.gathering.rainbow

I was coming home this year, and I was on the stretch between Clines Corners and Santa Rosa, NM - grassland stretching to the horizon on all sides. I saw up ahead a big puff of dust, and saw that a truck that had been pulling a trailer in the lanes on the other side had been picked up off the road by the heavy crosswind, and set down on its side in the center median, with the trailer remaining upright behind. The trailer was a light aluminum Aerostream. I slowed down and stopped, and as I ran across the road I saw that about fifteen other vehicles were stopping too - several semis, a few pickups, more cars.

There were already several people around the upset truck as I came up, and I could see thru the windshield an elderly man and his wife, the man standing on the ground which was now under the drivers side window, and the woman twisted up in her shoulder harness. They had been buckled up, and they were both uninjured. A man stood up on the passenger side of the cab, which was now on top, and tried to pull them out, but couldn't. Somehow, among all of the people a ladder appeared, and they fed it down thru the window to get them out. The woman was very shook up, and there were two people holding her legs to get them into the rungs of the ladder which had now been pulled out and laid against the outside of the cab. There were several people with cellular phones, and one of them got the police. A NM state trooper was there within ten minutes, and he found the woman sitting on a folding chair that another had brought. Another woman had been hugging her and talking her down.

It turned out I didn't even have to have stopped, it all got taken care of out of the original anarchy but good will of the strangers who had already stopped. These were all very ordinary people who had been brought together by the event, the man on top of the truck was a black man, there were several Mexican looking people, as well as white boys like me. Old and young, all uniting in this unplanned emergency, all showing great concern and great sense of duty. It was warming witnessing such a display of Shanti-Sena on the arteries of Babylon. I felt much more secure as I drove away, as well as filled with faith.

Butterfly Bill

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