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Latest Editions
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All Ways Free Winter 2014 All Ways Free Summer 2014

All Ways Free 2014
Winter Edition
PDF file 1.2MB

All Ways Free 2014
Summer Edition
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All Ways Free 2012 All Ways Free 2013

All Ways Free 2012
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All Ways Free 2013
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Historical Editions

The images in these historical editions of All Ways Free were made by first scanning pages of original newsprint issues, then restoring them further with computer graphics software.

These original pages were as much as 26 years old when they were scanned, and as they aged there was not only fading of some of the ink, but small rips and tears producing gaps in some parts. There was also some distortion from paper wrinkling. Furthermore the earlier editions were made by cutting and pasting pieces of paper and laying them on a backboard and then photographing them to make the printing plates, and some of these pieces were slightly imperfect and their alignment was not exact.

The page images are all in 300 dpi resolution for downloading and high quality printing.


All Ways Free 1991

Winter 1989

All Ways Free Winter 1989


All Ways Free 1988